From its birth in 1915 on, Kasdorf was dedicated to the elaboration of milk products. The company starts by manufacturing yogurt, and shortly afterwards it launches into the market, the first sterilized milks destined to infants and children.

The best known brand in the market, was "Degerma", fluid milk, which was pasteurized in its own metal pack. Many generations, still remember, the famous glass bottle, brown in color, to protect it from the sun light.

In the 30's and 40's, Kasdorf builds a new plant and enlarges its product line, including not only milk products, but also nutrotherapeutic and medical specialties, related to the gastrointestinal tract.

In 1947, a new plant is inaugurated in Germania, Province of Buenos Aires, endowed with a modern spray drier, which satisfied an increasing demand for powdered milks.

But the early 60's represented for the company, the beginning of an outstanding period in the commercialization of fluid milk and milk products. It was then, when "Las Tres Ninas", high quality milk, in tetrapack presentation, was launched into the market with great acceptance among consumers. Public recognition, encouraged the company to manufacture other products, under the U.H.T (ultra high temperature) system. In this way, Kasdorf burst into the market, with "Las Tres Niñas" chocolate milk, skimmed milk, cream and orange juice.

Subsequently, the company centered its efforts, in the development of infant feeding, for both healthy and nutritionally deficient children. The introduction into the market of a lactose free infant milk formula (L-K), was an important step towards the treatment of infants and children with diarrhea.

In the same period Vital Infantil, came to life. Recently this line has been extended to other 3 brands: Vital Infantil 1; Vital Infantil 2 and Vital Infantil 3.

Later on, the launching of the first formula for premature babies (Prelak) contributed
to their neonatological care of these babies. The design of the first national formula, based on hydrolyzed protein (Kas 1000), was a valuable contribution to the treatment of chronic diarrhea and food allergies.

Presently, its product portfolio consists of, both national and international brands. Among these last, we find the outstanding Nutrilon and Aptamil.
The Nutrilon line, with its products; Nutrilon premium, Nutrilon follow-on and Nutrilon soya, has been rapidly inserted in the market, due to its good nutritional quality.

This line has been recently extended by including Nutrilon L-K Infantil , with the same composition of the original brand (L-K).

Furthermore, the Aptamil line, with its products Pre-Aptamil with milupan and Aptamil with milupan, witnesses the scientific advance of the company. The inclusion in its formulation, of a special type of fats, which influence the neuronal evolution of infants, reveal the research and development level of the company.

The company centered its efforts, in the development of infant feeding, for both healthy and nutritionally deficient children.