KASDORF S.A. through the HACCP System (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), recognized system and recommended internationally (Codex Alimentarius) and the international regulation ISO 9001 will develop its products not only under their current legal regulations at a national and international level, but also under the strict internal food quality standards providing safety and reliable products to our consumers. The safety and continuous improvement of the products is our policy of Customer Satisfaction.
Provide safety and reliable Food:

Our essential responsibility is to comply with the regulations mentioned before aimed toward creating safe products.
Our products have a well-aimed goal, to nourish unweaned babies, children and adults, both healthy and unhealthy.
Systems, regulations and our staff training allow us to guarantee that we are developing dependable products to our national and international customers.

Customer Satisfaction

It's our main goal that our customers receive the products in the agreed time, form, quantity and quality.

Product safety and continuous improvement

Our customers need to fulfill the needs of a dynamic and constantly changing market, for that effect we analyze, improve and optimize our processes to ensure their safety and further improvement of the competitive costs that allow higher benefits to the company, and also, to the customers. We have planned activities to keep this attitude alive and to generate concrete actions.