In view of the Argentine problem regarding, foot and mouth disease along 2001, Kasdorf S.A. has been audited by Sanitary Authorities from the following countries:
Republic of Paraguay.
Republic of Chile.
Republic of Mexico.

Kasdorf S.A. obtained the corresponding authorization for exporting the following products:

Modified Infant Powdered Milk.
Infant Milk Formula, based on milk and milk whey.
Food for premature babies, based on milk and milk whey.
Dietetic products with hydrolyzed caseine.
Lactose free, dietetic products, with calcium caseinate.

Dietetic products, based on lactose, lactulose and calcium caseinate.

Furthermore, we have been approved recently by the Health Authorities of Panamá as suppliers for that country.

The European Union has authorized us to enter our products to the EU market since June 2009.

We are currently supplying several African countries since 2009; by 2010 we are going to add more countries, further increasing the volume of products delivered to that continent.